Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tattoo Designs - What Anchors Symbolize

Sailors hold the symbol of the anchor tattoo very close and dear to their heart as it represents a glimpse of the experience they encounter everyday at sea. It was a sign that served as a remembrance of the joy and the hardships that they shared together as sailors. Anchors are one of the old school tattoo styles. Sailor Jerry could be credited for making the anchor tattoo very popular amongst other tattoo enthusiast beside sailors. The anchor symbol faded for a few years but has since found a new generation who are bringing back the designs of the old school tattoos.

Early Symbolize Meanings

The earliest known symbolic representation of the anchor tattoo was used as a symbol by early Christians. Some believed it was a way to convey their faith while hiding the sign of the cross in the anchor design, to avoid persecution by the Greeks. The symbol of the anchor was worn as a necklace to identify other Christians and followers of Christ.

The Symbol Used By Sailors

Sailors have used the symbol for many years to signify stability and a strong foundation as in standing their grounds for what they believed. The anchor was commonly designed with other sea creatures such as fishes or mermaids. Anchor tattoos was a favorite design among sailors as well as the nautical stars, ships, ropes, pirates, skull, eagles, flowers and beautiful hula girls. And much like the nautical star the anchor was used as a sign for protection and hope. It was a symbol treasured very deeply and the sailors wore it proudly.

Today the symbol is making a come back with new styles and designs. People are also going back and reclaiming the traditional old school anchor tattoos. The anchor is very versatile with the combinations of other designs. It can blend smoothly or be incorporated into a design very easily.

So why get a anchor tattoo? It can be a reminder for you to stay grounded and represent the stability that you have. If you are in a relationship, you can embellish the anchor with banners that includes each others names. This can portray your everlasting love, may it always have a strong foundation.

By Naipua Allen

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